Look Gorgeous Than Ever – Guide To Buy Branded Cosmetics Online

All women desire to look beautiful and adorable. There are many innovative makeup products that are being sold to make women look pretty. You can also learn about the new products, their specifications, reviews, and their costs at the online stores. In this post we shall discuss about how you stand to gain more by shopping for your make up items on the internet.

Why online shopping is better?

  • Convenience: It is quite convenient to order all the cosmetics you want from anywhere in the world, and at any time of the day or night. You do not have to face any pushy salesperson or get your way through the busy retail store.
  • Selection: Online shopping allows you to choose from a long list of products, which is quite not possible at retail stores. You just need some patience and time to look for what you want. You get to choose from a number of without running from shop to shop.
  • Cost effective: Most of the online stores offer great discounts throughout the year. They also offer discount coupons, which you could use while shopping online.
  • References: Customer reviews and interesting blog posts will help you choose your cosmetics wisely.

How to buy cosmetics online?

  • Price: The key to buy products for cheap online is to research well. Go through a few of the reputed websites, and check out the prices of the products that you want. Compare the prices and offers before ordering them.
  • Buy genuine products: If you are not sure about the products offered by any particular vendor, then buy cosmetics from the company’s website. Cosmetics are applied on skin, and thus they need to be safe and original.
  • Buy the ones you need: Women get carried away with different offers, especially when they get to save some money. Therefore, it is recommended that you do go for products that you have not heard or read about, just because they are available for cheap. In short, stick to your own brand.

Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

It is suggested that you buy branded products that have been recently launched in the market. Most of the companies provide promotional offers on such items, and thus you get them for cheap. Also, look for offers wherein you get two products at the price for one. Some of the companies provide combo offers such as beauty balm cream along with lip gloss at 50% off on both the items.

To conclude, one can only benefit by shopping online.

An Ancient Egyptian Guide To Beauty

Makeup and cosmetic products are far from being a recent invention. For centuries, men as well as women have been looking for ways to enhance their appearance using cosmetics. The Ancient Egyptians were innovative thinkers that made a massive contribution to mankind with inventions that are still in use to this day such as the doorlock and written language. But we can also thank them for another thing which many of us also use on a daily basis – makeup.

We now know that some of the techniques they employed were highly inadvisable such as painting their faces with a deadly mixture of lead carbonate and water. They did however pioneer techniques we can learn from and use today. Here are some of them.

Beeswax – The Ancient Egyptians realised that beeswax had moisturising properties and regularly used it to moisturise their skin from the effects of the hot Egyptian sun. You can buy ready made moisturisers containing beeswax or alternatively you can make your own in combination with other ingredients such as olive oil.

Egg white facials – Ancient Egyptian women used egg white facials to pamper their skin. To make your own, simply whisk one egg white with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, apply and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing away with tepid water.

Perfume – Perfumed oils containing frankincense and myrhh were popular in Ancient Egypt. DKNY Delicious Night is an example of a modern perfume containing these ingredients.

Kohl – Outline your eyes with a thick line of kohl eyeliner to recreate the look of beautiful Ancient Egyptian women such as Cleopatra. For a really authentic look, team with coloured eyeshadow.

Milk and honey – The Egyptian queen Cleopatra famously bathed in milk to maintain her beautiful skin. To try this for yourself mix fresh milk, honey and almond oil into your bathwater.

Sea salt scrub – For a truly authentic Ancient Egyptian style bath, use ground sea salt as a body scrub to exfoliate your skin after a milk bath.

Rosewater – The Ancient Egyptians created all manner of cosmetic and beauty products using natural ingredients. One such product was rosewater which they used to nourish their skin. There are a number of rosewater beauty products available to buy from facial toners to bath oils. Or if you enjoy getting creative, make your own rosewater by boiling rose petals (make sure they are free of chemicals) in spring water.

Apple cider vinegar – This was used as an invigorating face wash. To try it for yourself, add a 3:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar to warm water.

This is just a few of the amazing, natural beauty techniques that the Ancient Egyptians pioneered. The trend for cosmetics derived from naturally based ingredients is far from a recent phenomenon. The Ancient Egyptians were way ahead of their time.